An electric stacker is a power-driven vehicle with a pole and forks used to lift loads and place them on shelves. It is balanced with the support legs and this can easily provide the shelf layout. Electric stackers are clean and efficient and do not pollute the environment when operating indoors. Fully electrically operated stackers carry loads more quickly in warehouse facilities with less effort.

Thanks to its ergonomic steering and easy adjustment of back and forth speed, it can be used safely and easily. They are designed to work in very narrow aisles. We think that shelves you use to make more efficient of warehouses and production areas need electric stackers that provide more efficient transport flow.

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Electric Pallet Stacker


Below is a range of stackers vehicles. For more information about these tools, visit our product pages and check out our designs. We are sure that you will find the most suitable vehicle for you with reasonable prices and useful designs.

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